Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

Hurricane Dolly hit my parents pretty hard yesterday. Their house flooded a little bit and it ruined their carpet. I think most of the damage is outside effecting the landscaping, roof, and fence. They have not had power since 9am yesterday and are reportedly "pretty bored."

They managed to keep busy yesterday. The sandbags did not hold out all the rain, which was falling at a rate of five to 12" per hour. After using all of their towels and blankets to soak up water leaking into the house they spent five hours continuously mopping. Mom says Dad was filling the buckets faster than she could dump them out. Some of their neighbors have about a foot of standing water in their houses.

Sounds like their vigilance helped keep their home from flooding. Thank God they are safe and their house has minimal damage. Please say a little prayer for my parents and the people in the Valley as they get their homes back in order.

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The Corsos said...

Hello friend! I will definitely pray for your family. I'm so glad to hear they are safe and with minimal damage to their home!! Miss you!! Oh and glad to see your marriage is no longer on the rocks, post summer job placement!