Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dirty Dog

This morning Patton and I went to the Dog Park (aka the "Bark Bark.") It is his ritual upon arrival to dive into the mud pit that accumulates around the watering hole. And who am I to deny him this simple puppy pleasure? If I would have had enough foresight I would have taken pictures so you can see precisely how filthy he actually gets.

What is great about Patton, among many things, is that he knows he gets a bath post "Bark Bark." I don't even have to say anything. He just follows me around the back yard until I have everything set up and then he stands there while I bath him. Since we have moved into the house we have added a step to this process. Before his actual bath I spray him down with the water hose and he goes absolutely nuts.

He loves the water hose-- more so shower spray, not so much on jet spray. While he gets hosed he snorts and rolls in the grass, scooching on his back and biting at the water. Then he suddenly takes off in full speed around the entire backyard, making a flying leap into the spray of water only to repeat the scenario. It is adorably hilarious. Once we get our video camera back I will video tape it because the pictures do not do Patton justice. I love our dog!

Patton vs the Water Hose:

The Not-so-Sneaky Flying Leap Attack:

The Landing:

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Jayme said...

I love that silly headed dog!!!!