Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peer Pressure

Thanks for the peer pressure, Jenna! Here's a post!

So I have all these great pictures on my camera since we moved to New York. They really tell a better story than I can. Unfortunately I have misplaced the cord to download them to the computer. **side note: I'm a little too lazy to look really hard at the moment.

Lot's has been happening! Jeremy is enjoying his promotion to manager. Being the main catalyst behind this move, and really wanting our marriage to make it, this comes as such a relief to me. He seems pretty stoked as well. Alas we will make it to year 4 in May! ;)

My job at the dermatology clinic is going swimmingly. I'm learning new conditions, treatments, skills, and medications. The girls I work with are a blast. We spend most days laughing and playing practical jokes. It keeps my mind off the fact that I'm underpaid, but not Jeremy's.

We've made some friends and are enjoying city. Patton has taken to it quite well. His affinity for taking dumps in the middle of the street has shifted to taking dumps atop mounds of snow, of which he often falls through during the act. I'm surprised at how much he enjoys the snow. Jeremy assures me that this is because he is from Boston, being a Boston Terrier and all. His bread might have originated there, but this dog in from Conroe, TX. Then again, I like the snow and I'm from Harlingen, TX. Maybe we were both Canadians in a past life, eh?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the Come Back

Wow! It's been a year since my last witty and clever post. My only excuse is that, in my old age, I have run out of wit and cleverness, leaving you, my dear reader (aka our parents), with a big empty McDannel blog void.

Well, thanks to some friendly nagging, a recent move far away, and a working internet connection, I am feeling a little inspired to jot down (or type, as it were) a few words for your reading pleasure.

With old age comes wisdom. So get ready to be schooled with more McDannel life lessons. Or just have something to read when your really, really bored.