Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farewell for now...

Today we sent our neighbor and friend, Jayme, & her dog, Duke, off to Oklahoma. We wish them well and are excited for all the new opportunities that await them. Even so, we can't help but be sad that our sweet friends are moving away.

I will definitely miss our Saturday mornings spent drinking coffee in our pjs and letting the dogs play on the trail outside our apartments. And our Margarita Mondays at Ozona. It was nice to be able to walk down stairs at any time and hang out with a friend, borrow clothes, be lazy, or go for a jog by the lake together. Jayme has looked out for us and our home, not to mention all the times she took care of our little man.

Although he is completely unaware, I'm sure Patton would be sad to learn his best buddy Duke and beloved Aunt Mayme are no longer a few steps away. Patton has been Duke's annoying little brother, always wanting to do whatever it is Duke is doing. Partners in crime, they always invent mischief when they are together. Nothing makes Patton happier than the mere mention of Duke's name.

There is no mischief to be found today or morning coffee and conversation. We will miss you, dear friends! Sending you off with our love. It's not goodbye, but merely until we meet again. Good luck in Oklahoma...and hook 'em horns.

Jayme's Going Away Dinner @ Gloria's:

Patton + Duke = BFF:

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Jayme said...

ah, that was so sweet!!! we miss you too... I love the pics of my patty pat playing with the hose.. how could you stop laughing long enough to take the pis:).. Love all of you guys:)