Monday, June 18, 2012

Patton's Knee Surgery

** Note: I wrote this last Wednesday, June 13, but has issues with the pics.**

Patton had knee surgery on Monday and it was pretty traumatic for both of us. As his dogmother I have felt very conflicted over the surgery for some time now. This is in large part because Patton has yet to learn to speak English, and although he understands a vast variety of English words (most of which revolve around food or how to go about getting food), we still have a little bit of a communication barrier. I feel terrible for being unable to explain to him what and why this is happening!

He has had a luxating patella (loose knee cap) since he was born. It has slowly progressed to being permanently out of socket and the cartilage was completely worn. After talking to and being told he would need surgery by four different vets (one of which is my neighbor and very good friend) and doing a bit of research I finally decided this surgery would help restore his quality of life. And although he may not ever understand the surgery, I'm hoping he soon forgets about it when he is walking, running, sitting, and playing without pain or discomfort.

It's hard to do what's best for those you love sometimes, especially when they don't understand what or why you are doing it.  

He made it through surgery and I was granted the luxury of staying home with him today while he's getting used to three-legged-dog mode. He does not appreciate the E-collar (bedazzled by the vet staff) nor being crated. He puts no weight on that leg yet.

Despite the discomforts of surgery, he still looks at me with love and a sense of solace that come from one of the best forms of communication, actions. I'll always do right by him, even if it might hurt in the process and he might not comprehend. I love him and that he understands.


tiff mckee said...

It was a brave decision for you to make - Good Dog Mom! Patton's the sweetest little dude and it's good to see he's recovering well :) Cheers to the General!

Shan said...

You're a great mommie and Patton knows it. I'm so glad you are able to be home with him now. Everyday he'll get stronger. xoxo Momma

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweet person and absolutely correct that he knows he is loved and there isn't greater security than that, dog or human ; )

Love ya,

jeremy m. said...

She forgot to mention that they shaved half his butt. In solidarity, I've followed suit.