Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wesley and Jackie Get Hitched!

February 20, 2011, Jackie and Wes tied the knot at Mercury Hall in Austin, TX!

You know those couples that just fit together? That is Jackie & Wes. Both are quick witted with an excellent sense of humor and a lot of heart. I am so happy for them, and quite selfishly, happy for our family. I just adore the both of them as individuals and as a couple. I love that my brother has found the right girl. He is such an awesome guy and it is about time he met his match.

The wedding was creative and cute. I adored the decorations, especially the little handmade cake toppers created by the couple out of thread spools and champagne corks.

And the candy table was a smashing hit!

The venue was vintage cool, with white washed walls, dark wood floors and stain glass lined cathedral shaped windows.

Jackie's dress was gorgeous and she looked stunning.

Wesley was dapper in his black suit with white patent leather shoes.

They were wed outside beneath a big oak tree to the music of a harp and violin.

The receptioned followed in the Hall, where a live band played while the guests indulged in spirits and had a Thanksgiving style feast of turkey and dressing.

Their first dance was a tango! I love this! I've watched it a buhzillion times and it makes me smile more every time I see it.

The night went on with more merriment and celebration, complete with a photo room full of fun accessories (I'll share those if I can get my hands on them). There were beautiful toasts and lots of dancing to a live band, The Recliners, who played modern tunes set to jazz style, with a few oldies thrown in. I would include pictures but my camera battery died after the tango :( Here's one of my favorite in-laws enjoying the party!

This little gem of a picture was taken by my brother, Michael, who was paying homage to my photo taking skills with an artful angle of his own creation.

It all just made me want to get married again! (to Jeremy, of course) Our wedding was wonderful, but if I could do it again, it would be just like this! I loved the handmade detail, the whimsy and the fun about the entire theme!

The night before my parents hosted a rehearsal dinner at Carmello's in Austin. Sorry the picture is fuzzy; it's the only one I had of all of us!

The lovely couple:

Mother of the Groom:

Father of the Groom:

Who showed up but Carmello himself!

The entire weekend was a smashing good time. I hope they both know how much I adore them and that I wish the happiest of happily ever afters!


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