Friday, August 8, 2008

Second Annual Moonlight Margaritas in Austin

Just got home from a fun, fun trip to Austin this Thursday and Friday! Jayme and I participated in our second annual Moonlight Margarita 5K race last night. It was stifling and we were both glad we didn't pass out of heat exhaustion at the finish line- it was 102F! (Not sounding like "fun, fun," yet but I assure you it was- keep reading.) The thought of ice cold margaritas kept us moving and we felt the party afterwards was much deserved. We drank our fair share and danced on the lawn to Pat Green. Oh glorious night!

Earlier that day we drove in and met my friend, Courtney, on the Drag. After an excellent lunch at the infamous Veggie Heaven and some yummy bubble teas, we played dress up in a vintage store and took a few interesting pictures of life and art on the Drag.

It was wonderful to see my grade school friend, Courtney, and her husband, Jason. We stayed at their home; they are always very gracious hosts. Courtney and I talked on the patio until 2:30am. I love the familiarity and ease of conversations with old friends, especially ones as interesting, amusing, and abiding as Courtney.

Speaking of old friends, I had a wonderful surprise when Courtney brought our mutual friend, Dan (whom I haven't seen in nearly 10 years,) as well as her mom, Francis, to lunch today. It was so nice to see Dan again and hear he's doing quite well working as an accountant for a non-profit organization in Austin. I loved visiting with Francis and reminiscing on years past when Courtney, Dan, and I were kids.

We hit the road after lunch. The "traffic gods" smiled upon us most of our trip and we only had one stop along the way. No drive down I35 is complete with out a swing by the Czech Stop. We made it home in time to pick up Duke from boarding and let him and Patton play in backyard for 20 minutes before Jayme had to head back to Oklahoma. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and look forward to next year's adventure, sans heat!

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Jayme said...

thank you for not posting the one of my backside as I try to push the disabled man up the little hil in the road.... beautiful as it was:)