Friday, May 25, 2012

Of Blogs and Beds

I'm having a hard time deciding if I want to have two blogs (one for family and one for crafts) or combine them into one.  Seeing as to how I hardly ever write on either of them I really suppose it doesn't matter as much as the time and thought I'm giving it would suggest.

Having said that, for now I am sticking with this blog.  I've had it for a while and there have been a few good posts along the years. Besides, I'm not really all that good at compartmentalizing my life. So here it is, a crafty post on the family blog. I'm sure we'll all manage to deal with it.

We moved back into our house in Dallas about 3 1/2 weeks ago. The entire place is hardwood (with the exception of tile in the kitchen and baths). This is great aesthetically, but our poor pupcake, Patton, has not a place to lay his head. That's a lie, he has several couches, but a dog just needs to lie like one sometimes. The hardwoods are not forgiving of little boney puppy elbows. I've looked for several beds at the usually pet stores and even tried to find one online.  They are all either way too pricey, not very cute, or a combination of both. That's when I decided I would make Patton a bed!

I picked up some outdoor fabric from the local JoAnn's and basically made a glorified pillow with piping. It turned out pretty darn handsome, especially when he lies on it!

For some reason he knew it was his. It might have been my, "Mommy's making you a bed! You want a bed?" comments all day. He periodically would come over and sit on any part of it that hit the ground. I could barely keep him off of it while I was stuffing and hand sewing the last little opening. When we finally let him have his bed he jumped on before I even got it out of my hands. The only thing better than having a cute dog bed is having a cute dog that likes his cute dog bed!

ps- I am first and foremost a hand knitter, but I must publicly declare how much I like the speed and efficiency of a sewing machine. The relatively immediate gratification of a handmade creation is most excellent.

pps- I just walked into the other room to get my camera so I could load the pictures of him on the bed and guess what?! He was on the bed! Sigh.

ppps- So happy my sewing machine didn't die a traumatic shaken and smashed death on it's ride from NYC to Dallas. I was a bit worried after seeing the state of our garbage can and a couple of boxes. The movers did manage to write a big "TX" on the case with permanent marker. I was aggravated by the unapproved tattoo at first, but now it's kinda growing on me. It's a traveled machine with stories to tell. Plus she knows where her home is :)

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Anonymous said...

I love knitting, but I too love the speed of sewing. Though everyone has their place - I can't sew hats as well as I can knit them, and I can knit a purse as well as I can sew one. Etc.

Your dog bed is really nice. I made pillows once, but they weren't so fancy.