Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoration Day 2012

Today is Decoration Day (the last Monday of May) as it used to be called until the Federal government officially adopted the more popular Memorial Day back in 1967. This is a day when Americans remember those who have died in military service for our country. A day when we fly American flags at half staff from dawn to noon in tribute to our fallen soldiers and then raise them to full staff as a symbol of our continued dedication to liberty and justice. 

We Americans are good people. While not perfect, we work to take care of ourselves, our people, and our neighbors. At the root of our democracy I believe we, as a people, are righteous, brave, and mindful.

While this is a solemn day, we will also be celebrating the freedoms our country affords us.  We remember what this day is truly about and we promise that the souls who gave their lives fighting for the greater good did not do so in vain. We will be thinking of them all day today.

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