Friday, October 2, 2009


Yarn store! Yarn store! Today I go to the yarn store!! I wish every day was a yarn store day even though my bank account says otherwise. Jeremy says I need to change the blog from "The McDannels" to "Tamara's Obsession with Knitting." What does he know?! On to the important stuff...

I need to get needles to cast on my very first sweater. And I have picked out a beautiful scarf for the knitting that will need some beautiful yarn.

When I started teaching myself to knit I bought the cheap acrylic yarn. Now, with over a couple years experience on the needles I have discovered the wonderful world of real fiber. Sure it’s a few extra bucks but totally worth it. Plus, no one wants to wear scratchy acrylic yarn anyway.

If this sweater goes well, maybe I will knit one for Jeremy. Nothing says love like wrapping someone in warm hand knit wool!! I need to pick out some cool stuff to knit for the family. The knitting list just keeps growing. I think I might have to quite my job so I can have more time to knit.

How come all my family lives in south Texas? I’m really going to need you guys to move north so I can knit you something you will be able to wear. Do you guys even know what sweaters are?!

ps- only 9 miles this weekend; next is the big 26.2!!

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