Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stupid Postal Pricing

Am I the only one who cannot figure out the pricing at the US postal office? Every option sounds like it is awesome! How do I choose when I can’t even tell the difference?

There’s Express. I like that one. I mean, I want my mail delivered fast, right? But wait, what is this Priority? My mail is important, and, in my humble opinion, top priority. Does Priority mail trump Express? If that’s not enough, then they throw First Class into the mix. What does that mean? Is there even a Second or Third Class option or do they just call it Coach? I’ve never ridden First Class in my life. The hell if some measly parcel is going to be hobnobbing it up in the luxurious crate with all the other hoity toity mail while I spend my travel time crammed between my husband with extraordinary long legs that extend into my small allotted space and a mother holding a screaming, defecating infant.

Why can’t it be labeled logically? It reminds me of the drinks at Starbucks; who calls a small a “tall”?! I digress. Let’s get back to ill labeling at hand. For all intents and purposes I would like to know how long it will take for my particular parcel to get to its destination and the cost. Why, then, can the USPS not label their delivery options accordingly. When I buy something online that is how it is listed. I have “1 day,” “2-5 day,” and “5-10 day” delivery option. Now I know price depends on weight, so why not let me know how much per ounce or pound?! That way I don’t have to make an ass of myself when I get to the front of the very long line of impatient mailers and ask if they will explain all of my options in layman’s terms.

I would like to note that the postal workers at the Lake Highlands branch are very patient and kind.

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