Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Days of Summer 2009

I heart summer!! And I think Patton does too. We spent two and a half hours at the dog park yesterday morning where Patton proceeded to repeatedly dive into the mud pit. He was an alligator stealthily awaiting innocents to naively crouch at the edge of the hole for a drink, swiftly lurching for them as they got too close, then retreating back to the murk as they fled. I can only imagine what the other dog owners thought of this National Geographic scene. When all the other dogs left Patton to his own devises he spent his time diving head first into the pit then wallowing like a pig. We played some fetch and decided to call it a day when his full body mud mask appeared to be dry. Needless to say he was decontaminated when we got home.

Patton stalking his prey. Notice his inconspicuous technique with butt in the air:

Fetch! What a good boy!

Did you say "treatzie?" I am listening...

It was worth it.

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