Monday, October 6, 2008

Wade and Jenny's Wedding and a New Knit

Wade and Jenny's wedding was this past Saturday. The ceremony was at Robert Carr Chapel and the reception at the Reata. The wedding was sweet, simple, and fun. We wish Wade and Jenny a lifetime of happiness together!

Jeremy and I enjoyed hanging out with the McDannel and Walker families. Jeremy and John left early Saturday to shoot guns with Wade and his guys. They made it back intact. Although, Jeremy has a bruise the size of a baseball on his right shoulder that he shows me approximately every two hours. Afterwhich, I reply with a "poor baby," and a kiss. I really think he is milking this for all it's worth. Good thing for him I'm a nurse and a sucker.

Jackie and I were in charge of bringing five dozen Sprinkles cupcakes from Dallas to Fort Worth. We hung out at her house that morning then delivered the cupcakes and had lunch on the square- all without getting lost, which is more than the McDannel men can say. I love spending time with Jackie. I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law that is also a friend.

I especially enjoyed meeting sweet little Matalley and seeing how much Grayson has grown (Jeremy's cousin's children.) Kalley and Matt make parenthood look fun. And I think Jackie and John got a kick out of practicing their grandparent skills. Don't get your hopes up; there are no plans for children in the very near future. I haven't even learned how to knit booties yet!

But I did knit my very first hat!

Next on the knitting agenda is a Christmas socking!!

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