Monday, September 15, 2008

Been a Long Time...

So much for my resolution to blog more often, huh? There's a lot to catch up on since Labor Day, which we spent at the Arboretum enjoying Picnic in the Park. We sat on the lawn and watched the sunset over White Rock Lake while drinking wine and listening to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. When it got dark there was a projector showing of The Princess Bride. It was wonderful and free! You just bring your own blanket, food, and drink and they open the park to the public.

Last weekend Jeremy and I had planned to head to Houston for Michael Fest: A Celebration of All Things Michael. Unfortunately Hurricane Ike had other plans. My brother had to call off his birthday party. Michael and Sarah-in-Law made it through the storm with persons and house intact. They are getting a first hand lesson in life pre-electricity and running water. Now they take their Roman baths by candle light.

I am still establishing and figuring out boundaries at my new school. It's a large and diverse population. I'm getting to know all the faculty/staff and students. So far I would say I like them and the job. It's challenging on my patience and my nursing skills, but I feel I learn something valuable each day and help a few people while I do it. I'm sure I've pissed a few people off, but I can't please every one. Over all I have a good rapport with the people of Hamilton Park and feel I have a healthy dose of confidence to get the job done and fear to do it correctly.

The house is great! Sometimes Jeremy and I just look at each other and say, "I love this house." It's really ours!! And it's beautiful! I haven't decorated just yet. We have plans for every room and are saving for well thought out purchases (which is easier for Jeremy than it is for me.) I think Jeremy and I are giving up all gifts to each other and are now only giving gifts to the house. If it's a good house Santa may bring a new couch and chair for the living room this Christmas!

Softball season kind of started again for the KPMG Camels. Although, todays game was canceled for the Cowboy game and last weeks was rained out. I'd say I'll report back at least after our triple header next week but I don't want to write any blogging checks my blogging commitment won't cash.

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