Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crape Myrtles and a New Old Couch

The crape myrtles have been planted! They are so pretty. Jeremy did a great job on researching and narrowing down which ones would do well in our area and I got to pick them out. Patton approved of the selections and promptly marked them as ours. Now all we have to do is love them and watch them grow.

The ceiling fan was installed in the main living room this morning. It's better than the standing "Hawaiian Breeze" that did not take me back to our honeymoon, such as it's name would suggest.

Thanks to Uncle Ron and Aunt Jackie we now have a couch in the sitting room. It was apparently my grandmothers. The cushions have springs in them and they weigh a ton. It needs to be reupholstered and refinished, but it has great wood detail and a lot of potential. We really appreciate Uncle Ron and Travis dropping it off.

Last night we had Lane and LeighAnne over for an impromptu engagement party. They are getting married in March. We had a blast and maybe a little too much wine. At least we have the rest of the weekend to recover while sitting on our new couch under the breeze of the fan while admiring our crape myrtles.

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